FPS Code District Tehsil/Sub-Division FPS Name License No. Address Phone No. Linked Depot(s) Status (Active/ Suspended) No. of Cards Total Cards
APL AAY BPL Annapurna
120500160000000000001 Lower Subansiri Dolongmukh M/s Jokam Rinia 64 dt. 17/2/89 D/Muikh NA   Active           
120500161691000000002 Lower Subansiri Dolongmukh M/s Bei Tasser 144 dt. 19/11/96 Paro Village D/Muikh NA   Active           
120500161697000000003 Lower Subansiri Dolongmukh M/s Amtu FPS 12/KT/04 Kaluptakur Village NA   Active           
120500150000000000004 Lower Subansiri Dolongmukh M/s Chini Bini 22 dt. 26/6/82 D/Muikh NA   Active           
120500151685000000005 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Poku FPS 173 dt. 14/12/2000 Poku Village (Raga) NA   Active           
120500151657000000006 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Tali Biki FPS 65 dt 17/2/89 Tamen(Kamporijo) NA   Active           
120500151657000000007 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Nido Yarin  20 dt. 20/6/78 Tamin (Kamporijo) NA   Active           
120500151646000000008 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s  Boa-Simla FPS 20 dt. 28/10/81 Boa Simla(Kamporijo) NA   Active           
120500151689000000009 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Yom Tachak Sup-6/171 dt. 4/2/00 Kamporijo NA   Active           
120500151646000000010 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Puri Kan 211/03 dt. 22/4/03 Boa Simla (Kamporijo) NA   Active           
120500151646000000011 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Taw Tabin  100 dt. 28/2/92 Boa-Simla(Kamporijo) NA   Active           
120500151646000000012 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Guchi FPS 179 dt. 3/4/2001 Boa Simla (Kamporijo) NA   Active           
120500151662000000013 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Yatap FPS Sup-6/151 dt. 1/5/98 Yatap (Kamporijo) NA   Active           
120500151676000000014 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s K.Tai FPS No. Sup-6/128 dt 14/11/2008 Luba Village, Kamporijo NA   Active           
120500151689000000015 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Dugi Teri FPS No. Sup-6/132 dt 26/5/2009 Daa Village, Kamporijo NA   Active           
120500151657000000016 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Sonam FPS No. Sup-6/135 dt 26/5/2009 Tamen-III, Under Kamporijo NA   Active           
120500151679000000017 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Godak Yanam  34 dtd 18/4/94 Radum NA   Active           
120500151675000000018 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Godak Taniang 196 dtd 26/9/2001 Hebang NA   Active           
120500151685000000019 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s Poku FPS 135 dt. 13/9/95 Poku ( Kamporijo) NA   Active           
120500151672000000020 Lower Subansiri Kamporijo M/s  Yorkum FPS 23 dt. 21/7/82 Yarkum (Raga) NA   Active           
120500031167000000021 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Nishi Coop. Ltd  FPS 41 dt.09/09/87 Deed NA   Active           
120500031167000000022 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s J.T. Radh FPS 101 25/05/95 Deed Bazar NA   Active           
120500031183000000023 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Adap FPS Sup-6/153 dt. 31/04/98 Pistana NA   Active           
120500031152000000024 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Shally FPS  160 dt.12/03/98 Shally NA   Active           
120500031157000000025 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Lishi FPS Sup-11 Sito/04 dt13/9/04 Sito (Pistana) NA   Active           
120500031160000000026 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Likha Taj  Sup-6/150 dt. 27/3/98 Toti Village NA   Active           
120500031166000000027 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Seya MPCS Ltd  No.Sup-6/117 dt. 16/9/2008 Seya Village, Ziro-II NA   Active           
120500031170000000028 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Neelam Tegi FPS No. Sup-6/133 dt 26/5/2009 31 Km Neelam under Pistana Circle NA   Active           
120500031180000000029 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Likha Torum FPS No. Sup-6/137 dt 2/7/2009 Bello under Pistana NA   Active           
120500031175000000030 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Likha Moriam FPS No. Sup-6/143 dtd 19/3/2010 New Pania Village NA   Active           
120500031149000000031 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Likha Tongum FPS No. Sup-6/144 dtd 19/3/2010 Koch Village, Deed NA   Active           
120500031149000000032 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s T. FPS No. Sup-6/145 dtd 28/9/2010 Koch Village NA   Active           
120500031170000000033 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Neelam Pual FPS No. Sup-6/01 dtd 16/3/2011 Neelam Village NA   Active           
120500031162000000034 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Likha Nakh FPS No. Sup-6/02 dtd 6/4/2011 Dem Village NA   Active           
120500031183000000035 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Toko Yokum  6/04 dtd 30/01/2013 Pistana NA   Active           
120500031167000000036 Lower Subansiri Pistana M/s Toko Anil FPS 6/05 dtd 17/06/2013 Deed Bazar NA   Active           
120500171699000000037 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Rotam Tama 34 dt. 8/2/85 Raga Town NA   Active           
120500171710000000038 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Godak Tago 31 dt. 14/12/84 Godak(Raga) NA   Active           
120500171714000000039 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Yage Maga 86 dt. 23/1/92 Kemliko(Raga) NA   Active           
120500171702000000040 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Maga Taniya 91 dt. 23/1/92 Surya Camp(Raga) NA   Active           
120500171699000000041 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Laa Robinson 99 dt. 28/8/92 Raga(EAC Hq.) NA   Active           
120500171699000000042 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Gocham Taka 107 dt 2/10/92 Raga NA   Active           
120500171699000000043 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Taya Simla 108 dt.13/3/92 Taya Simla(Raga) NA   Active           
120500171710000000044 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Sith Nimuk 136 dt. 13/9/95 Godak (Raga) NA   Active           
120500171699000000045 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Chamrak Sup-8/Raga/04 dt.23/7/04 Raga Town NA   Active           
120500171699000000046 Lower Subansiri Raga M/s Raga Lamp 31 dtd 30/03/2012 Raga NA   Active           
120500021110000000047 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Mai FPS 17 dt.29/08/99 Mai NA   Active           
120500021100000000048 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Lishi Dillep FPS 18 dt. 16/09/87 Jara NA   Active           
120500021115000000049 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Joram Sala FPS 47 dt. 06/01/88 Yachuli NA   Active           
120500021115000000050 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Joram Tacho  FPS 92 dt. 22/01/92 BDO Complex, Yachuli NA   Active           
120500021100000000051 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Joram Achu  FPS 110 dt. 21/10/92 Migo Jara NA   Active           
120500021098000000052 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Pu Joram FPS 134 dt. Pu Joram NA   Active           
120500021111000000053 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Nich Tatam FPS 141 dt. 02/10/96 Upper Tallo NA   Active           
120500021109000000054 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s N.T. Brother   Sup-6/159 dt 30/04/98 Yachuli/Lumri NA   Active           
120500021115000000055 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Dora Topu FPS 161 dt 6/05/96 20 Km Dapo.road NA   Active           
120500021133000000056 Lower Subansiri Yachuli Ms/ Khoda Taba 208/02 dt. 5/12/02 Nama Village NA   Active           
120500021115000000057 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s T. Yamik FPS 14/04 dt.02/06/04 Linia (Ziro-II) NA   Active           
120500021116000000058 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s D.Taj FPS 15/04 dt. 16/7/04 Raka(20 Km) NA   Active           
120500021115000000059 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Joram Tabia FPS 10 dt 23/07/04 Yachuli NA   Active           
120500021129000000060 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s V.V.I.  FPS 10/ Harak/04 dt. 2/08/04 Harak Village NA   Active           
120500021134000000061 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Tayo Loha Sup-6/112 dt 27/06/06 Tayo Village, Temp. run at 23 Km camp. NA   Active           
120500021141000000062 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Toko Rikam 48 dt. 6/01/88 Tallo Village NA   Active           
120500021117000000063 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Khoda Anki FPS No.Sup-6/115 dt.  16/9/2008  Tajgi Vill. Ziro-II NA   Active           
120500021115000000064 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Joram Kupu  FPS No.Sup-6/116 dt. 16/9/2008 Yachuli Market, Ziro-II NA   Active           
120500021115000000065 Lower Subansiri Yachuli M/s Ama Mekum  6/03 dtd 30/01/2013 Yachuli NA   Active           
120500021074000000066 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s Tago Hydel FPS 59 dt. 17/02/89 Tago Hydel NA   Active           
120500021071000000067 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s Techi Kak(T.K) FPS 115 dt 03/06/93 Yazali Tin Ali NA   Active           
120500021072000000068 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s Taw Tadh FPS 140 dt.14/02/97 Peni Village NA   Active           
120500021096000000069 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s Taw Tager FPS 29/169 dt. 13/05/99 Pussa Village NA   Active           
120500021086000000070 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s Taba Guch 185/2001  dt. 10/07/2001 Chulyu village NA   Active           
120500021087000000071 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s Taba Tagap (Kuku) Sup-6/113 dt. 30/01/07 Near ME School, Pitapool NA   Active           
120500021071000000072 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s Green FPS 4/76 dt. 12/07/86 Yazali NA   Active           
120500021071000000073 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s  Nyorch Valley  FPS No.Sup-6/114 dt. 16/9/2008 F.Sector, Yajali NA   Active           
120500021071000000074 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s People FPS No.Sup-6/118 dt. 16/9/2008 Yazali Market, Ziro-II NA   Suspended          
120500021084000000075 Lower Subansiri Yazali M/s Tut Putu FPS 6/41 dtd 27/10/11 Kebi Village NA   Active           
120500010000000000076 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Haniya FPS 8/76 dt. 31/3/77 Hapoli Town NA   Active           
120500010000000000077 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Hapoli FPS 33 dt. 13/2/85 Medical Colony NA   Active           
120500010000000000078 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Himalaya FPS 43 dt. 6/1/88 Paraline, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000079 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s T. Opo FPS 50 dt. 6/1/88 Paraline,Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000080 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Nani FPS 51 dt 4/2/88 Eng.Colony, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000081 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s MTCS FPS 56 dt. 18/1/89 Reserved Line, Hapoli  NA   Active           
120500010000000000082 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Chada FPS 74 dt. 22/8/91 Foerest Gate, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000083 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Gyati FPS 75 dt. 22/8/89 Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000084 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Pai Gate FPS 81 dt. 26/02/89 Pai-Gate, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000085 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Central FPS Sup-6/145 dt. 30/6/97 Near Footbal ground NA   Active           
120500010000000000086 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Arunachal FPS 124 dt. 12/5/94 S.S.B Gate, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000087 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Dusu Sala FPS 130 dt 20/8/94 S.S.B Gate, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000088 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Anbiini FPS 139 dt. 13/12/95 Club Road, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000089 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Ado FPS 142 dt. 6/10/96 New Market line NA   Active           
120500010000000000090 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Ziro Valley FPS Sup-6/157 dt. 1/4/98 Near Apex Bank Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000091 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s N.T Nobin FPS 174 dt.14/8/2000 S.P.Colony, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000092 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Ex-Servicemen 199/02 dt 5/2/02 Gandhi Market, Hapoli NA   Suspended          
120500010000000000093 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Michi Ampi FPS Sup-200/02 dt. 25/03/02 Old Medical Colony NA   Active           
120500010000000000094 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Education Colony 38 dt. 17/2/87 Near H.S. School,Ziro NA   Active           
120500010000000000095 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Aba Chatung  FPS No. Sup-6/125 dt 16/9/2008 Medical colony, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000096 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Nado  FPS No. Sup-6/130 dt 11/12/2008 Old Medical Colony, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000097 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Michi Yapa  FPS No. Sup-6/131 dt 11/12/2008 Industry colony, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000098 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Baby FPS No. Sup-6/136 dt 26/5/2009 S.P. Colony, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500010000000000099 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Papa Mama FPS 6/146 dtd 30/03/2012 SIB Colony NA   Active           
120500011055000000100 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s S.T.C FPS 32 dt 11/2/86 Old Ziro NA   Active           
120500011060000000101 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Nenchaliya 37 dt. 28/11/86 Near Hr.Sec. School,Hija  NA   Active           
120500011042000000102 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s M/Point Reru 52 dt 4/2/88 Kalung/Reru Vill. NA   Active           
120500010000000000103 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Hill Tops FPS 53 dt 4/2/88 Hill Top, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500011045000000104 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s M/Point Bulla 54 dt. 23/5/88 Reru (Bulla) NA   Active           
120500011029000000105 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s T. Monju FPS 55 dt. 17/2/89 Hong Village NA   Active           
120500011038000000106 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Hari FPS 66 dt. 16/2/89 Hari Village NA   Active           
120500010000000000107 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Subu FPS 80 dt. 26/12/89 Hill Top, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500011023000000108 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Siro FPS 19 dt. 26/12/89 Siro Village NA   Active           
120500011055000000109 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s SMCS Ltd 19 dt. 16/9/78 Old Ziro NA   Active           
120500011068000000110 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Michi Bamin 95 dt. 23/1/92 Michi-Bamin Village NA   Active           
120500011060000000111 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Hija FPS  102 dt. Hija Village NA   Active           
120500011029000000112 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s PunyoFPS 114 dt. 16/2/93 Hong Village NA   Active           
120500011033000000113 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Nobin FPS 123 dt. 18/4/94 BRTF Camp (Suluyang) NA   Active           
120500011025000000114 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Manipolyang 125 dt. 27/7/94 Manipolyang NA   Active           
120500011033000000115 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Yama FPS 126 dt 4/5/94 Suluyang, Old Ziro NA   Active           
120500011049000000116 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Rayang Opo FPS 178 dt. 23/5/2001 Lempia, Old Ziro NA   Active           
120500011055000000117 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Kalung FPS Sup-210/03 dt. 16/4/03 Old Ziro NA   Active           
120500011042000000118 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Salaya FPS Sup-6/Salaya/06 dt. 22/5/06 St. Claret College,Salaya NA   Active           
120500011029000000119 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Niichi Niitii. FPS No.Sup-6/119 dt. 16/9/2008 Nara Pabu(Hong Vill. ) NA   Active           
120500011029000000120 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Richo FPS No.Sup-6/120 dt. 16/9/2008 Takhe Vill. (Hong) NA   Active           
120500011064000000121 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Lemba FPS No.Sup-6/121 dt. 16/9/2008 Siikiir Relyang (MTage Village) NA   Active           
120500011069000000122 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Riinyi’s FPS No.Sup-6/122 dt. 16/9/2008 Siibey Village, Hapoli NA   Active           
120500011019000000123 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Tarin FPS No.Sup-6/123 dt. 16/9/2008 Tarin Village, Ziro-I NA   Active           
120500011063000000124 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Koj Yana FPS No. Sup-6/124 dt 16/9/2008 Dutta Village, Ziro NA   Active           
120500011038000000125 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Bakhang  FPS No. Sup-6/126 dt 16/9/2008 Village Hari-II, Ziro NA   Active           
120500011038000000126 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Taki FPS No. Sup-6/127 dt 16/9/2008 Hari Village, (VKV School area ) Ziro NA   Active           
120500011045000000127 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Habung Umpi FPS No. Sup-6/129 dt 11/12/2008 Nenting Leyu, Reru Village, Ziro NA   Active           
120500011042000000128 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Tailyang Tada No. Sup-6/134 dt 26/5/2009 Lengo Piiting,  Village Kalung, Ziro NA   Active           
120500011058000000129 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Puna Tai FPS 6/140 dtd 21/01/2010 Kelya/Upper Nenchaliya NA   Active           
120500011060000000130 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s N. K FPS 6/141 dtd 11/02/2010 Tadubo, Hija Vill. NA   Active           
120500011035000000131 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Tasso Riniya 6/138 dtd 17/12/2009 Doku Village NA   Active           
120500011029000000132 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s Kago Abing 6/139 dtd 17/12/2009 Niitii,Hong Vill. NA   Active           
120500011022000000133 Lower Subansiri Ziro-Hapoli M/s KagoYamer 6/142 Diko Piita NA   Active           
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